I was so inspired by a photo I saw on tumblr, that I created this series.  Each piece features my super-fro-heroine with a small message.  I created these for children, however I think they could be enjoyed by any age. All are now available for purchase on DrePrice.com and there is FREE shipping. 

$75 each or 2 for $125 or 4 for $200

Please email info@dreprice.com if you would like to purchase more than one. 

All sold now but thinking of adding more to the series…

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Living on the east coast for the past several months has given me the privilege to both experiences place I’ve never been and forge new friendships with people whom I’ve admired from afar. Dre Price, an amazing visual artist that currently calls Brooklyn her home, is one of those people. She’s always relaxed and humble and kind enough to offer a couch for me to crash on. I can say that this is the type of character I enjoy surrounding myself with. 

All love Melon man!

Your work is simply amazing. Your Paintings and Photos. Could you check out my photography on my blog? Tell me what you think. Follow back if you like it. Much appreciated.

Thank you :) and will do sir

Another rambling from the dome…

Painting helps me to not think so much. (I think way too damn much sometimes) I never know how a piece is going to come out. Most times I try not to worry about whether it’s “good” or “bad.” This is one part of my life in which I can unconsciously just do… And enjoy the moment. It’s like an escape… From reality… Fantasy… And even myself sometimes.

could someone who loves ur art but is currently on a budget (lol times r hard) get a customized sketch? if so how much would it be?

Lol we can work something out. Email me info@dreprice.com